Hello everyone!

Our apologies for posting super late. I'll be brief with a couple of things. 

2021 opened us up with a warm embrace as we come back from an extended holiday break. A much-needed break to recollect ourselves and hold our family with gentle and loving energy as we grieved from a loss due to Covid-19. As the pandemic continues, we have to remind ourselves every day with vaccines or not, we're not out of the woods yet...

Going through 2020, we had a few hidden surprises! We had the honor to be interviewed and featured with Slow + Sustain Magazine! 

Slow + Sustain Magazine is a community-led zine that seeks to strengthen women in business by creating community and sharing stories. We were very excited to be interviewed on our ethos, creative process with making our wares, and life as a practicing witch. It was a delight speaking with Jessica Lo and Cynthia Harry. We connected as female entrepreneurs, raising awareness on issues surrounding the BIPOC community, and harnessing our inner magic. 

Read the article here: https://slowandsustain.org/evers-handcrafts/

We also received a shout-out from our friends at Voyage LA. 

Check this out:  https://shoutoutla.com/meet-ever-arias-interdisciplinary-artist-small-business-owner/

As we go to the month of May, we are cultivating new energy for new vending opportunities this season. We are delighted to vend for Hollywood Artisans Market on May 23rd, 10 am-5 pm! We are going to feature our best sellers and favorite products such as Divine Feminine, Cielo, and Goddex sugar scrubs, Bloodmoon, Flowermoon, Harvestmoon ritual bar soaps, and Ancestor Altar Candles, and many more. And probably cook up new stuff for the event too. 

We are now part of the Cipote Culture Directory! Click on the 'HOME' Section and we are there! 

Link: https://www.cipoteculture.com/directory

What about collaborations? what happened to that?

We are always open to collaborating with the creatives but we do have an outline that we go by. The most important thing we want is to create a product that will reflect both our talents and magic. Interested? Shoot us an email: evershandcrafts@gmail.com

Mailing list! 

We are setting up an email prompt through our website. Sign up for our email list/newsletter and receive 10% off on your next purchase. 

Link: https://mailchi.mp/911568fc7454/etsy-discount

Like always, follow us on Instagram for updates! That's it for now.

Love + Warmth,