Our Story

EVER'S Handcrafts focuses on hand-made products such as soaps, salves, and bathing tools for your ritual needs. The collection contains fresh and organic products that softly cleanse, nourish and benefit your body and spirit inside and out. No usage of artificial or harsh chemicals. Instead we use natural ingredients such as herbs and pure essential oils we sourced from local family-owned and female-owned, independent businesses. Our products are made with quality items that ensure long-lasting preservation. Each item is distributed in small quantities delicately wrapped in craft paper made of recyclable and biodegradable material. 

Our founder, Ever, first started experimenting with bath and body care a year ago. However, her true story started four years ago when she was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). This condition has given her a difficult yet positive effect; it bestowed her inspiration to pursue entrepreneurship alongside a spiritual awakening. Her awareness of commercialized products revealed they caused more harm than good. She then opt to choose a safer path to enrich her body assiduously. In that respect, her purpose is to create a healthy product that can benefit any skin but also help others with similar conditions.

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